Will your organization achieve black belt status?

Business Continuity Consulting in Toronto

Business Continuity can be an overwhelming process for many organizations. A Business Continuity Plan provides a customer with a step by step list of actions that must be executed upon in the event of a crisis. It includes both technology infrastructure implications as well as manual processes that employees must perform to successfully navigate through this stressful event. An effective plan is key component in a larger Business Continuity Program designed to ensure business continuity and recovery requirements are addressed, resources are allocated, and processes and procedures are completed and rehearsed.

Because of the investment of time and resources required to become effective at Business Continuity Planning, organizations widely differ on the spectrum of preparedness.  For the first time ever, a model has been designed to measure a company’s level of preparedness compared to its peers.  Welcome to e-ternity’s Black Belt Business Continuity Maturity Model.

Using e-ternity’s 3 Phase Service Approach, e-ternity will assess your organization on 8 pre-determined categories, and assign you a “belt” status based on your organization’s level of preparedness:

White Belt:        Beginner

No documented processes in place, very little technology redundancy, no emergency facility preparation, no testing procedures established.

Yellow Belt:      Intermediate

Some documented processes in place but not consolidated, some technology redundancy, some emergency facility preparation has been performed, zero or sporadic testing procedures practiced.

Brown Belt:        Advanced

Many documented processes in place and consolidated but not updated with regular frequency, technology redundancy has been addressed, emergency facility preparation has been addressed, sporadic testing procedures practiced.

Black Belt:           Expert

All documented processes in place and all are consolidated in a single document or portal, technology redundancy has been addressed and failover processes are documented and updated on a regular basis, emergency facilities have been identified, testing procedures are practiced on a regular basis.

Once your organization has been assigned a “belt” status, e-ternity will clearly define a road map for you to move through the grading system at your chosen pace.  As with the martial arts, achieving black belt status requires discipline, focus, and commitment.  Does your organization have what it takes?

Meet Schwarz Law LIP
Meet Schwarz Law LIP

e-ternity has clearly demonstrated that they understand my business and has gone over and above to ensure my staff has seamless access to our technology at all times.”

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Schwarz Law LIP
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